Here's the thing the online space is a busy, saturated and loud place! Everyone is fighting for attention and at the same time our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter by the minute.

On top of that, with the lack of human contact our ONLY way to trust a business and do business with them, is by the way they show up online. Think about it. How many times you stopped yourself from doing business with someone because their online presence was lacking. Their website looked old-fashioned or scammy? Their site was too confusing or too complicated ? 

The thing is, the way your business shows up online matters


Having a strong, authentic and clear online brand & presence is critical for your business success

Like it or not, the way your business shows up online matters and directly affects the income you generate, for better or for worse.

The good news is that one of the easiest and fastest way to build trust and move the needle for your business is by upleveling your online presence, through strong branding and web design.

We know your work is awesome, you are a pro, and what you do matters.

Now, let us help you be that brand you are meant to be and express that to the world. 

As a multi-passionate, multidisciplinary creative entrepreneur - its hard to take on just one label. But let’s just say I have the hands and eyes of a maker/creator through my graphic design & photography work, the strategic mind of a marketer and the heart of an entrepreneur. 

I started Brands that Impact in 2015 as a freelance one-girl show, now I team up with other creatives and professionals to bring in awesome solutions for our clients, as well as a smooth and seamless experience.

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The Long Story Short

Not your average designer

Hola! I'm Karla

I graduated with B.A in Graphic Design / Visual Communication, and worked for one of the world’s top Branding Agencies (Landor), designing for brands like Coca-Cola or Oral-B. However, I quickly realized I actually didn’t give a s%&*t about working with “big brands”.  

You see, at the same time I was working at the agency, my mom was running a clothing boutique and I saw her struggling with building her business, trying to find some clarity about her business (who she was, how to compete, who she was selling to, how to market herself and what not), and playing all the roles her business needed to be. 

I knew my knowledge and work could actually make a difference on her business and a greater impact that working for the big brands. I then ditched the agency and went on to help her develop her brand, find clarity in her business and build trust and loyalty among her clients through branding. The impact was huge and tangible! 

It was through that experience, I then realized I loved helping entrepreneurs with big hearts and dreams elevate their businesses through brand strategy and design.

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Purpose and strategy is behind everything we create. There is no use of pretty things if they don't serve the big picture of your business and your immediate goals.



There is nothing strategic about copy-cating others... in fact it sucks and is bad for your business. We believe it is our job to find whats unique about you and your business and position those differences as your strength, because there is nothing more magnetizing that authenticity.




We like to think outside the box.
Push the limits of our creativity by experimenting and going that extra mile to view things differently.  You can trust us, we'll find creative solutions for you!



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