Brand & Web 


The kickstarter

5 vip days

This package is ideal for those starting out a new business or launching a new venture (within a current business) such as a course, program, podcast, mastermind, event, you name it..

This package is designed to provide your business with all the essentials to kickstart your project, including a quick-but-epic brand & website.

With this package you can earn your client’s trust through a powerful & professional online presence that positions you as the expert you are and the one your client has been yearning for, all that in the shortest amount of time!

The Kickstarter package will transform your new venture from idea to LIVE in the online world! 

An essential & powerful package to kickstart your biz or venture in 5 days

You are starting a new business or offering & you know how important it is for your new venture to look epic & legitimate! 

You want to kickstart your biz ASAP without much hassle, but still done properly & professionally.

You want to build that trust fast so you can start making some impact & cash!

You are in business but launching a new venture with its own brand such as: a podcast, Mastermind, online course, YouTube channel, Live-Event...

You need your new offering to align with your professional goals & your main brand.

You've already launched but your grandma has seen more action lately than your offering.

This package is 


for you if

The Mini Brand 

a quick brand for your business


One Intensive Brand Creation Day to develop the essential visual elements to kickstart your brand.
On this day we will review your brand strategy, design your Wordmark logo and Moodboard.




 timeline: 1 day

The Package


A guideline of your visual identity so it can remain cohesive no matter who creates visuals for your brand.

Curious what a brand guideline looks like?

BRAND Style Guide

A mini brand with elements that will captivate your audience include:

  • Custom Wordmark Logo*
  • Color Palette
  • Typography Set**
  • Moodboard
  • 3-5 Brand Images***

* You will receive 3 proposals + 1 round of adjustments

 mini brand Visual

A simple but powerful overview of your brand strategy and foundation to ensure your biz is on track for success. This includes:
  • Brand's Purpose
  • Ideal Customer - light version
  • Brand's Core Pillars
  • Brand's Personality

light brand 


timeline: 3-4 days

You've got the awesome brand and the product down. The only thing you’re missing is an epic website that works it, even when you’re not working.

Based on a ShowIt website template, we will restyle it & pimp it to your brand's needs. This is a 3 day Process where we cover: Copy, Images & Implementation

Say there are updates? That’s cool. Showit makes it easy to tweak your site and grow with the flow.


5 page Showit Website

a quick & pretty home for your brand



Time to implement all the ideas & display it for everyone to see. Your website will be done based off a template in order to accelerate the implementation time. It includes 1 major revision and 1 minor revision.
You can Choose up to 5 pages for you site:

  • About
  • Homepage
  • Services
  • Thank You 
  • Contact Page
  • Blog Page & more...

* If your website requieres additional pages, please inquire about it.

5 page show it

Website without a strategy is like an Instagram post without hashtags, pretty but ineffective. 

In one 90-min session we will pin down the strategy & framework:

  • Website Goals
  • Navigation 
  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Copywriting Guideline

strategy & preparation

Goodbyes are never easy. When we reach the end of our journey, we leave you with a small parting gift:

  • Personalized Training Videos that show you exactly what to do if you want to add, edit, or change anything on your site in the future.

  • If you at some point need new pages, major updates or restructuring of site after, we can also support you in the future.

training &
future updates

Websites are made to work! Here are the functionalities included for your site:. 

  • Mobile + Tablet Responsive
  • 1 Language 
  • Contact Form
  • Integrated Instagram feed
  • Instagram Link Menu
  • Link to Calendar or Bookings
  • Opt-in for email collection

* If your website requieres other functionalities from the ones listed, please inquire about it.


 ✔ Up to 5 pages showIt Website
 ✔ Restyled web template
 ✔ copywriting Guideline
 ✔ Essential website Functionalities 
 ✔ Training Videos

ShowIt Website

 ✔ Custom Wordmark Logo
 ✔ Color Palette
 ✔ Typography Set
 ✔ Moodboard
 ✔ 3-5 Brand Images
 ✔ brand Style guide

Mini Brand Experience

what's included


Yes, you can! We love to support the brands we have created. We offer per/hourly updates or Flat-Rate Monthly Retainers  to our clients. Keep your business always on-brand & updated, month after month, protecting your initial brand investment and ensuring your brand blooms. Ask us about our retainers. *Available to previous clients only.

What if I need more help? Can I hire you for updates?



Questions? We''ve got you!

Our calendar fills up on a first come, first serve basis. In order to ensure the best experience & quality for each one of our clients, we take a limited number of projects at a time and throughout the year, and our availability varies accordingly. Typically consider booking between 1-3 months in advance. Lastly, bear in mind that your dates are booked and guaranteed once the first deposit is received. After this payment you will receive your actual timeline plan. If you want to start as soon as possible we recommend you contact us right away to ensure we can start at the earliest available date. 

When can we start?

We do! Talk to us and we can come up with a special payment plan for you. Note: The payment timeline is independent from the project timeline. 

Do you have payment plans?

We mostly focus on serviced-based online businesses and tourism industry whose business heavily rely on an strong online presence. Why them? Because we LOVE those industries and we want to transmit that passion into their projects.

Who do you serve?

Not really. We believe that the designs we create should be aligned & dictated by your unique brand strategy and personality as well as considering your audience, not by our personal preference or style.
Plus, we also love to design in all kinds of styles and for all kinds of businesses. It keeps us creative and excited!

Do you have a certain style?

Our biggest strength is the unique perspective we bring. With our expertise in branding, graphic design, photography, digital marketing & our own experience as entrepreneurs we bring all that knowledge together to create a brand for you, that not only looks awesome but is strategic and business savvy. Learn more about us & our experience here. 

Why should I work with you?


It depends. We'll definitely look at your current logo and consider keeping it, as long as it aligns with the new brand strategy we'll create. In our experience, if you are reaching out to us is because you want a stronger brand, and since you are already going through a major transformation you might as well present your new brand with a new logo. In most cases, we do end up with a complete new concept, in others we polish the logo based on the new brand strategy.

I love my logo, can we keep it?

We’ve want to provide the BEST result we can bring to our clients & their business, therefore we don’t create just logos, but brand experiences backed up by strategy and purpose.
Based on our past experience, creating a logo out of thin air is not only likely to become a frustrating creative process, but most importantly, it will boil down to selecting a logo based purely on personal taste, not strategy, which won't be the best if you are at a stage where you want to scale or grow your business.

What if I just need a logo?

We are always happy to help our clients, let us discuss it in detail to see if we can. However, bear in mind that it all depends on your platform and what it allows us to do. Also, since we are doing a full-on revamp it may turn out more costly to “fix” a site than to build a new one. If your not fully satisfied with your current site or platform this will be a perfect opportunity to start fresh with a user-friendly website.

What if I already have a website, can you update it?

We are happy to help you, we do offer a website-only service. This service is available to you ONLY if you have a solid polished brand you love and feel proud of. (including logo, color palette, graphic style & photography style at least). Also you will need to provide your brand assets. If you don't have a brand yet, ask about our brand & web packages.

What if I only need a website?