the pro

the pro

Brand, web and more


average timeline: 2-3 months*

So, you’ve got a successful business but your brand seems to be going through an "identity crisis" 2007 Britney style. Your online presence is littered with rampant fonts, colors, and styles. Your brand is crying for attention as it blends into the sea of templates. You hate to admit it, but you have the kind of brand only a mother could love. What you need is more than just a facelift - you need a transformational surgery.

Whether you’re rebranding or branding for the first time, we’ll go in and build a unique strategic brand from the ground up and the inside-out. So that you can actually show up as the unique and professional business you truly are, while connecting with the people who really matter. 

Beyond creating a stunning brand full of your unique personality that’ll make your customer superlike in seconds, we also lay a rock solid foundation for the rest of your business: marketing, copy, ads, social media, the whole shebang, as well as creating that site you have been dreaming of: beautiful, easy & that simply works. The Pro package transforms your biz from one-night-stand-sales to longterm-relationships.

A powerful package to elevate your brand & take it to the next stage

You are in business already but you are in a season of Transformation! 
New offerings, focus, new niche or simply the next level!

You are truly committed and passionate about making a difference in the world through your business & you need your work to be amplified. 

You are a PRO and you want an online presence that matches that, while reflecting your unique awesomeness

Your biggest goal is for profits and passion to align effortlessly.

Your brand has a serious case of identity crisis!
Either its almost an identical twin of someone else, or its all over the place with all those different fonts & colors!

You want a brand that connects with people longer than a Kardashian marriage lasts.

You FINALLY wanna feel as proud of your brand as your ma is of you!  You value good design & know the impact it can have in your biz.

You've outgrown your biz and you are done with D-I-Y solutions (templates) or poor experiences with sucky designers 


for you if

This package is 

 In-depth Brand Strategy

the foundation

A brand without a strategy could be pretty but lacking in substance & effectiveness. When you combine epic aesthetics & a solid strategy the result is a powerful brand experience that can capture the hearts (and wallets) of your customer.
Think about all the times you picked a product or a service over another because of the way it looked, they way it made you feel or because the brand stands for something you care about (a social cause, the environment etc..). THAT is the power of good branding, and that's the kind of magic we create for your business.




average timeline: 2 weeks*


Basically, your brand's very own bible. The code to ensure the DNA of your brand extends into every aspect of your business so you can create a cohesive and powerful brand experience for your clients or customers. 
The brandbook helps you ensure your brand grows strong, expands cohesively & on-brand throughout various brand touchpoints beyond your visual identity such as:
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Photography & Videography
  • Marketing
  • Copywriting & SEO strategy & more...

Curious what a brandbook looks like? See below

your brandbook

A powerful process to extract the DNA of your brand and ensure your biz has a rock solid foundation for expansion & is on track for success. Some of the topics covered include:

  1. Brand Purpose and Values  
  2. Target Audience / Ideal Client
  3. Brand Positioning 
  4. Brand Personality 
  5. Brand Voice 

This is will come in the form of a questionnaire you will fill out before starting out and then 3 Intensive 60- 90 min strategy sessions together. 

in depth brand 

An interactive pdf that contains the secret recipe that builds your brand- ideal to share with teams & contractors!

Brandbook examples

The Brand Identity

branding done-right for your business


Way more than just a logo, in this phase we will create all the different visual elements that together will make a dynamic and powerful brand that stands out from your competition, screams your brand essence, and captures the attention and sales from the right people for you - the ones that just get you & are excited to make business with you.

the details



average timeline: 2-3 weeks

brand Visual

A personalized set of up to 10 icons.

A photo style is chosen for your brand and a collection of 5-8 stock royalty free images are included. *Please note: If we find paid stock images beyond the included images, those images would be an additional cost. Don’t worry we will submit any additional cost for your approval before continuing.

Creative direction in terms of style and characteristics for your future content created by a photographer or videographer of your choice, so you can ensure the final products remain on-brand and aligned. (For example: web photos, product photos, instagram or pinterest images). If you want us to create your images, please inquire about our packages.




This package includes the following visual elements:

You will receive 3 proposals + 3 round of revisions & adjustments.

A combination of colors unique to your brand.

A family of fonts that you can use for web and print.
* License is included.

Depending on your brand, graphic elements, textures or patterns will be created to complement your brand and make it more dynamic.

4) PATTERNS, textures or graphics

3) Typography set

2) color palette


Its the unique combination of many visual elements what adds personality and recognition to your brand (beyond a logo). Here's an example of one:

The Visual Identity

copywriting foundation

This is the one statement that encapsulates your brand and business. Kind of your elevator pitch.

Once you provide a draft of your website copy, our copywriter will make sure to polish it. This process includes 1 round of major revision and 1 of minor revisions. *You are welcome to use your own copywriter we can brief them on your brand and work together with them. **You must provide the base copy.



The main goal of this phase is to create the foundation for your copywriter & get your started with strategic copywriting.

We will define HOW your brand speaks

A collection of your power words that will help you position your brand and messaging strategically in the mind of your client/customer.


1) brand tone of voice


You will receive both final files and the editing files so you can make future adjustments. We will try to make them in Canva, but will depend on the collateral you choose the software it will be created on (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator).

 * If its Canva, you may be required to purchase a Canva Pro account when using the files.

* You may purchase additional design hours if you requiere a larger project. Bare in mind we specialize in digital design not print. *Please be aware Flex hours cannot be used for Instagram graphics or another logo design. If you would like Instagram Graphics, please inquire about the packages available.

Once your brand is ready to go, your package includes the following brand touchpoints:

Receive a set of images you can use in your social media & email so you can let your people know about your exciting launch or relaunch!

Includes 1 Story, 1 Reel and 1 image (Post or email image you choose).

Your package includes 5 hours of design work that can be used for: Email signature, Newsletter design, Business cards, etc.. You pick the collateral.




average timeline: 1-2 weeks

You've got the stunning brand and the product down. The only thing you’re missing is a customized website that works it, even when you’re not working.

Let’s take what you have and showcase it with impactful website design that connects, communicates, and converts. The Pro package gives you an elevated website that engages the right audience, tells them everything they need to know about your brand,  why you’re THE one for them, and gets them excited and ready to whip out those wallets.

Say there are updates? That’s cool. Showit makes it easy to tweak your site and grow with the flow.


Showit Website

an epic home for your brand



Time to implement all the ideas & display it for everyone to see. Based on your website needs you may have up to 10 pages, and it includes 1 major revision and 2 minor revision rounds. Here are some examples of common pages to have:
  • About
  • Homepage
  • Services (One page per service)
  • Thank You 
  • Contact Page
  • Instagram Links Page
  • Blog Page & more...

* If your website requieres additional pages, each page has a starting price of 250 usd  per page (depending on how complex the pages are). 

uP TO 10 page show it

Website without a strategy is like an Instagram post without hashtags, pretty but ineffective. 

In one 90-min session we will pin down the strategy & framework:

  • Website Goals
  • Navigation 
  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Copywriting Guideline

* Once we have created this, you must provide final website copy & images. Don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect, you can always change it afterwards. We can recommend a copywriter if you need some help. 

strategy & preparation

Goodbyes are never easy. When we reach the end of our journey, we leave you with a small parting gift:

  • Personalized Training Videos that show you exactly what to do if you want to add, edit, or change anything on your site in the future.
  • If you at some point need new pages, major updates or restructuring of site after, we can also support you it at the rate of 100 usd / hr

training &
future updates

Websites are made to work! Here are the functionalities included for your site:. 

  • Mobile + Tablet Responsive
  • 1 Language 
  • Contact Form
  • Integrated Instagram feed
  • Instagram Link Menu
  • Link to Calendar or Bookings
  • Opt-in for email collection

* If your website requieres other functionalities from the ones listed, please inquire about it.


✔ Up to 10 pages showIt Website
Web strategy, design & implementation
✔ website Copywriting Polishing
✔ Essential website Functionalities 
✔ Training Videos

ShowIt Website

 ✔ In-depth Brand Strategy
 ✔ Comprehensive Brandbook
 ✔ Custom Logo, variants & Icon
 ✔ Color Palette
 ✔ Typography Set
✔ Customized Patterns, textures Or graphics
✔ Iconos (up to 10)
✔ 3-5 Brand Royalty-free Images
✔ Photography & Video Creative Direction
✔ Copywriting Foundation
✔ Launch visual Kit
✔ 5 flex hours of Design

Full Brand Experience

what's included


" You really helped us get to the root of things, and set a really good foundation for inlakech"

We thought you were just gonna do a logo for us, but the strategy and the whole experience, you sitting with us and thinking things out with us that just made it so detailed & specific. We got more than what we thought we were gonna get into. 

We found the strategy exercises super revealing and forced us to really look in and see who is it that we really want to be, who are we. And that was really really powerful.  Also, you gave us a neutral perspective, we are so in it, in the making of it,  and you gave us kinda this 3rd eyeview which is so essential for anyone with a business. Your approach was so bold, and I loved it, I felt I was in really good hands.

view transformation

josephine staunsbjerg, Co-founder of

“On the first review round it was already spot on”

"Brands that impact were really good at asking the right questions and also understanding your answers. So actually on the first review round it was already spot on.

Today we have a product that we really love which is very important for us, because Influenced is our little baby and we just wanted everything to be perfect.

Also, its been very well received among our clients and the feedback has been amazing."

view transformation

Brandon Jackson, founder of data jackson

" Karla did an excellent job scoping out the project and understanding what direction I was leaning in from a branding perspective."

She took the time to evaluate me as a person and layered my personality into the brand. 

The final product excites me and validates my efforts to present myself in a cool but professional way. 

Although, the original projected shifted during the process. Karla kept an open mind and, in the end, delivered tons of values. To date, I have not even used all of the assets she provided, but I am not concerned because her work is unique and will age well.