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Creating content for social media can feel overwhelming, we get it,  we've been there..  in the confusion, the stuckness, and the analisis-paralisis of figuring out what to post, when, how.. you name it. 

The thing is, you have a message to spread, and a life-transforming service to sell. With over 2 billion active users Instagram offers an incredible opportunity to amplify your impact & profit, but the Instagram game does require strategy, creative content & consistency to make it work... and that takes a lot of work, on top of your actual work, right?

Harness the Power of instagram By creating Valuable, engaging & shareable Content

with ease & creativity

Our packages are designed to transform your social media presence into a powerful one with ease, so you have more time to focus on what makes your business rock! 

here is how we can help you

Customized Templates

for the growing business


Create your own on-brand content with ease based on Canva templates made for you, that are easy to edit.

You come up with valuable content, our templates make sure your message is enhanced & amplified with scroll-stopper visuals that are on-brand, stand out & most importantly connect with your audience effectively. 


Spending waaaay too much time in Canva, sometimes creating just a single post (when you have a million other tasks to do to run your business and do life).

Your account has a bit of Britney Spears 2017 identity crisis as you try every new shinny canva template you like.

Even though you spend hours creating your content you are actually NOT even fully satisfied with the result.

You have a team or an assistant that can handle your social media, but they aren't necessarily creative or profesional designers, and you need a base they can work with. 

You are currently:

Having an Instagram account that looks on-brand, cohesive, stands out and your people want to follow!

Having your insta account truly reflect and match the amazing PRO and authority you are.

Creating content with more ease, and not spending hours upon hours on the creation of every single post.

Having a social media presence you love and you are proud to show off to the world! (As you know, Social Media are they new kind of business cards)

Have more time to actually engage with people, run your business, or simply more time for the things that matter to you most. 

You are ready for:

These packages are


for you if...

Need more support?

✓ 3 VIP Day Experience 
✓ Instagram Strategy (2 x 60-90 min sessions)
✓ Content Ideas & Plan
✓ Creative Direction for Photo & Video
✓ Highlights Icons (Up to 8)
✓ Grid Style (3 options to choose from)
✓ Up to 24 Pieces of Visual Content ready-to-post (Combination of Posts, Stories & Covers for Reels), based on your strategy.
✓ Canva Templates
✓ Training Videos

Strategy + Templates

for those who have a solid brand but lack a clear social media strategy, don't know what to post or where to begin

show me the details

  • polish-my-content retainers: let's polish your content
  • templates refresh: renew them every couple of months

Option 02

i'm in! get me started!

✓ 1 VIP Day 
✓ 45 min Planning Session
✓ Highlights Icons (Up to 8)
✓ Up to 24 Custom Canva Templates (Combination of Posts, Stories & Covers for Reels)
✓ Training Videos

for those who have a solid brand & their instagram strategy down - you know the specific templates you need

Option 01

Templates Only

The Packages

*You must provide your brand assets: colors, fonts, images & videos. Don't have them? Talk to us.

You will receive video tutorials on how to use your templates in Canva so you can create your own content in the future. 

You will also get as a BONUS of our own workflow templates & tips so you can make your content creation as smooth as possible.


Based on the strategy and the content you provide (images & videos) they will be transformed into ready-to-post content, as well as become your canva templates. Your package includes:

(You will be presented with 3 options to choose, + 1 round of adjustments)


✓ Up to 25 PIECES OF VISUAL CONTENT ready-to-post (Combination of Posts, Stories & Covers for Reels), based on your strategy.

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custom canva templates 

Setting up a strong foundation for your Instagram game is essential to its success!  We will have 2, 60-90 min session where we will uncover:

  • Niche
  • Competition Analysis
  • Hashtags 
  • Communication Pillars
  • Content Ideas & Plan 
  • Creative Direction for photo & video

Strategy & content planning

What's included

Strategy + Templates Package

3500 usd (1st month only)

✓ Instagram Strategy
✓ Account Set up
✓ Bio
✓ Grid Design
✓ Highlights Icons
✓ Visual Content Creation Kit
      ✓ 9 Instagram Post
      ✓ 6 Instagram Reels
     ✓  6 Instagram Stories
20 Pieces of Content 
✓ up to 2 Rounds of Adjustments
✓ Copywriting guidance
✓ Scheduled Content

visual content done for you,
ready to be posted for the busy, "non-creative" entrepreneur


Option 02

3 month plan : 2200 usd / month
6 MONTH plan : 2000 USD / MONTH

✓ Highlights Icons
✓ Grid Style
✓ 10 Instagram Post
✓ 10 Instagram Stories
✓ 4 Covers for Reels
24 Templates

create your own on-brand content based on customized canva templates

Optional Add-ons

Canva Templates

1500 usd

  • media creation sessions: ask for packages
  • Content polish: 600 usd / month
  • templates refresh: 1500 usd

Option 01

Option 01



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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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